Keep Australia Beautiful challenges you to take a 7-Day Plastic Pledge

by | 13 Aug 2021

Keep Australia Beautiful is proud to announce that its iconic Keep Australia Beautiful Week will be held this year from 16 August to 22 August.

In its 49th year, the event raises awareness about the simple things all Australians can do in their daily lives to reduce their impact on the environment and encourage action.

This year’s theme for Keep Australia Beautiful Week is “Australia’s 7-Day Plastic Pledge”.

With plastic pollution increasingly making headlines globally, Keep Australia Beautiful is calling on Australians this year to make a pledge to ‘ditch’ at least one single-use plastic item for Keep Australia Beautiful Week.

According to the Australian Government’s National Plastics Plan, approximately 3.5 million tonnes of plastic were consumed in Australia between 2018 and 2019, which is equivalent to almost 100 kilograms per person.

Keep Australia Beautiful CEO, Val Southam, said the National Plastics Plan reported that one million tonnes of Australia’s annual plastic consumption is single-use plastic.

“Our beautiful country needs help to protect its precious biodiversity,” commented Ms Southam.

“Plastic that ends up in nature can take up to 500 years to decompose and can harm animals that ingest it.

“Humans are not immune either – plastics in the environment break up, not down, and these tiny pieces known as microplastics can find their way into our food.’

“We are asking all Australians, young and old, to become more aware of what plastic items are finding their way into the litter stream and avoid using them where possible.”

Australians dispose of an estimated one billion single-use coffee cups each year, which is approximately 2.7 million cups per day. This could be drastically reduced with the use of refillable coffee cups.

Ms Southam added that 1.5 million cotton buds are produced every day, with up to 6% ending up in the ocean.

Keep Australia Beautiful hopes to motivate all Australians to find ways to avoid single-use plastics with the goal of reducing plastic pollution.

“We hope that by making small changes during KAB Week, these will then form new habits and people will inspire others,” said Ms Southam.

“We encourage all Australians to become engaged in caring for our environment and its biodiversity.”

During KAB Week, KAB is giving away prizes to two lucky winners who share their plastic pledge on the KAB website.

Those who want to pledge, should visit, upload a video or photo of which plastic items they are giving up for the 7-Day Plastic Challenge, and share it on social media tagging KAB at #KABWEEK2021.

For more information on KAB Week, please visit www.


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Editor’s Note:

Keep Australia Beautiful (KAB) is a national organisation and consists of independent KAB networks in each State and Territory. It is recognized as Australia’s independent litter prevention thought and practice leader, aiming to achieve a litter free and sustainable Australia.

KAB was established by Dame Phyllis Frost in 1968. It has over 50 years of experience in engaging Australians to care for their local environments, with long-running programs, such as Tidy Towns, Sustainable Cities and the National Litter Index, as well as Eco-Schools, Adopt a Patch, and Keep Australia Beautiful Week in August.